don't do life alone

You were never meant to live in isolation.

It’s not how God wired us.

You were made to be connected with other people.

This why growing closer to God often involves growing closer to others. 

Let us help you get connected. 

how to connect

Learn how you can

get connected at CCC.




Find a group
that works for you.


become a member

Choose to join the mission
of our church.



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  • There is no right or wrong way to get connected. Groups and ministries are both great. The answer depends on your stage of life and the people you currently would like to get connected with. If you can’t figure out where you fit best, contact us at 863-875-1090. We would love to help you.

  • Our groups and ministries meet all throughout the week. CLICK HERE to find the best time that works for you and sign up to join.  

  • We have multiple groups and ministries that meet either while there is childcare at the church or meet in people’s home and the group discusses childcare. Find the right group for you HERE.

  • Our church has a wonderful children and youth ministry. You can learn all about it by visiting our FAMILY MINISTRIES WEBPAGE.